Plating Finishing: Full compliance to RoHS directive and according to requirements from customer.

Environmental Commitment: Proper waste disposal to statutory regulations, conservation of energy and resources by minimizing printing, encourage paper recycling, and switching off of idle lights, air-conditioning and machineries.

United Nations Global Compact: As a registered participant, we are committed to align our business operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. By doing so, business, as a primary agent driving globalisation, can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.


  Our Products Specialisation
Precision Turned       Terminal , Connectors and Customized Turned Parts
Screws Taptite, Plastite, Machine, Thread Cutting, Thread Forming, Self Tapping, Self Drilling, SEMS, 6-Lobe, Socket Set, Shoulder, Hexagonal Bolts etc. (Optional With Washers, Serrations, Flange, End Cutting)
Nuts Hex, Keps, Flange, Cage, Plate, Square, Hex Nylon Lock Nut, Self Clinching, Riveting etc. (Optional With Serrations)
Metal Stamping Parts Customized Metal Parts
Washers Flat, Spring, Internal/External Tooth Lock, Square
Rivets Blind, Solid, Round Head, Countersunk Head etc..
Pins Dowel, Spring, Snap, Cotter, Parallel, Taper, Self Lock etc. (Optional With Internal Thread)
CD Studs Flange, Straight, Flush Head Studs etc..
Inserts Brass, Threaded, Nut etc.
Spacers Round, Hexagon etc.
Standoffs Self Clinching, Round, Hexagon, Square, Female, Male, Riveting etc.
Others Eyelets, Anchors, Circlips, Retainer Rings, Bushes etc.

  Standards Materials
• DIN (Germany)
• JIS (Japan)
• ISO (International)
• BS (Britain)
• Customer’s Drawings
• Stainless Steel
• Carbon Steel
• Free Cutting Steel
• Copper Plated Steel
• Aluminium
• Brass
• Nylon etc..
  Our Application Markets
• Electrical
• Electronics
• Computer
• Data Storage
• Audio/Video
• Telecommunication
• Equipment Manufacturer
• Assembly
• Automotive
• Precision
• Mechanical
• Electro-Mechanical
• Plastic
• Construction